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A rep for Michael Jackson Estate has exclusively revealed to Rolling Stone that a new album featuring 10 never heard before songs will be out in November this year. These tracks may be from his recording sessions in the 80s or the newer material that he was working on with Akon, and Ne-Yo just before his shocking death. It is estimated that Jackson’s vaults contain more than 100 completed and unreleased songs.


Checkout the 2nd trailer for a GWOP Magazine/ Digital Vision TV Film, “Blood in My Mouth” a story of a young urban street hustler who gives up the street life to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful book author only to get caught up in a violent drug war.

Original Music by Qurious Productions & Supa Block Records

Coming soon….

DVD Release Date: Fall 2k10

starring Nando, DJ Sypher, Quez, Sarah Lei, and more

Director: K.B.

Genre: Drama

Plot: Former street hustler, turned book author (Rashid) changes his life for the good, only to get caught up in the cross fire of a violent neighborhood drug war.
Based on a novel, 96 chapter 13 “Blood in my Mouth” by Larry Brooks.

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