Top 30 Famous Jewish People


Jewish Americans make up only 2% of the total U.S. population, yet 45% of the top Richest Americans are Jewish, and the majority are self made. One third of American multimillionaires are Jewish, 20% of professors at leading universities are Jewish, 40% of partners in America’s leading law firms are Jewish, and—perhaps most impressively—25% of all Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. GWOP Magazine staff has compiled a list of the most famous Jewish people throughout American history in celebration Hanukkah. Checkout the full list after the jump.

(in no particular order)
If you haven’t watched a film or used a product created by any of the names listed below, you have been living under a rock.

Steven Spielberg — Director of films such as Saving Private Ryan & Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, E.T., Jaws
Woody Allen — Film Maker/Actor: Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite, Antz
Ben Stiller — Director/Actor: Seinfeld, SNL, Reality Bites, Something About Mary, The Cable Guy
Oliver Stone — Popular Director: The Doors, J.F.K., Heaven And Earth, Natural Born Killers
Jerry Lewis — A comedian who teamed up with Dean Martin
Jerry Seinfeld — Stand up comedian, TV show Seinfeld, American Express commercials
Calvin Klein — Famous Clothes Designer
Ralph Lauren — (Ralph Lipshitz) world famous fashion designer (Polo), net worth $6 Billion
Levi Strauss — Inventor of Blue Jeans
Kenneth Cole — famous Fashion Designer
Lyor Cohen– CEO of Warner Music Group
Mark Zuckerberg– founder of Facebook
Mark Cuban– entrepreneur, owner of Dallas Mavericks, founder of HDNet TV
William Davidson– entrepreneur, former owner of Detroit Pistons and Tampa Bay Lightning
Milton Hershey — Hershey’s Chocolate founder
Michael Dell — Founder of Dell Computer, net worth $15 billion
Larry Ellison — Founder and CEO of Oracle, net worth $33 billion
Alan Greenspan — Federal Reserve Chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush
Steve Ballmer — CEO of Microsoft and one of the richest Jews in the world, net worth $13 billion
Bernard Madoff — American financier convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme that resulted in the largest investor fraud ever committed by a single person.
Albert Einstein — One of the most famous and influential scientists since Isaac Newton
Alicia Silverstone — Actress – Clueless, The Crush, The Babysitter, Batman
Barbara Streisand — Singer and actress winner of two Oscars, four Emmys, nine Golden Globes, and other awards.
Harrison Ford — Actor: ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘ American Graffiti’, ‘Witness’, ‘The Fugitive’
Gwyneth Paltrow — Oscar winner
William Shatner — Captain James T. Kirk on the original ‘Star Trek’
Winona Ryder — Star of films like Heathers, Girl Interrupted, Little Women, Beetlejuice
Amy Whinehouse– Grammy award winning singer
Sarah Jessica Parker — Actress in ‘Sex and the City’, ‘LA Story’
Paul Newman — Academy Award winning actor and philanthropist

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